Frequently Asked Questions about Weddings in Australia

Now that you are planning you wedding, I am sure you have so many questions about getting married! What paperwork do we need, what is a NOIM, can we elope, can we get married whilst we are on holiday? These are just a few of the questions I get asked along with many more, so a few of them are answered below.

If you would like to ask me in person, just give me a call for a chat!


What information do we need to supply?

Obviously you need to prove you are who you say you are and that you are eligible to get married!

Australian Birth certificates and Driving licences make the perfect ID combo, or your Australian passport will cover both of those!

Overseas visitors…. you will need to produce your overseas passport, which you should have with you, because you needed it to get through passport control!

If you have been married before, you will need to prove that marriage is over, so make sure you have that paperwork available…. Or things could get awkward!


Can we alter the ceremony in any way?

Yes, yes, yes! You are a unique combination of two individuals and should have a ceremony that reflects your uniqueness. That does not mean you have to go over the top with lots of rituals, inclusions and readings…..unless you want to.

A bespoke ceremony, like a couture dress, is made to fit you exactly, it should emphasise all your good points and features, making you feel like a million dollars!


How much notice must we give? 

Give notice as early as you can, just to ensure that you have everything organised….

As much notice as possible is always best, the minimum is 1 month but you can lodge your paperwork as early as 18 months before the wedding!

Download NOIM PDF


Do we require witnesses? 

Everyone who is attending your wedding will be witnessing the moment and that’s why you invited them, but you’ll need two witnesses to sign your paperwork.

If you are eloping, that’s not a problem! We can always find witnesses locally, after all who doesn’t love a wedding!!


Do we receive a certificate on the day? 

At the wedding, we will sign the “Keepsake Certificate”, that’s the one you get to take away and show everyone to prove you did it!

Your government issued certificate comes from Births, Deaths and Marriages later.


We are visiting from overseas, can we marry whilst on holiday? 

Absolutely! We have lots of couples eloping to Port Douglas, because it is a heavenly place to get hitched. As long as you give the required notice and bring all your documents, you can turn your holiday into a destination wedding in paradise!!

Most countries will recognise an Australian Marriage; however in some cases you will need to have your certificate stamped with an Apostile from the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs, which I can assist with.


Can I organise a surprise wedding for my fiance? 

Sorry but NO…..

Surprising your fiance with a dream wedding, seems like a fabulous idea and this is a common question; but the simple answer is No. Both of you must be aware that the ceremony is about to happen.

You can surprise your guests though! 


Do you perform ceremonies outside the Port Douglas area?

Absolutely Yes! I’ll go anywhere!!

I love going the extra mile literally and figuratively.

I’ll travel anywhere between Cairns and Cape Tribulation or inland to Atherton all included. I also perform ceremonies further afield; however, depending on the distance….. it could cost you a bit more!!


How long will the ceremony be? 

That is up to you, how much do you want me to speak? How much do you like to speak? If you love being the centre of attention, we can go on all day, but your guests might start to get restless and fidgety after 30 minutes!!

Most ceremonies last about 20 - 30 minutes all up these days, but it’s your ceremony and it’s all about you!


Can you organise other services for us?

I am happy to give as much advice and assist you in any way I can, which can include organising a variety of services and products for you, but I’m not a wedding planner……

I know some awesome planners and I am happy to recommend them too!


Does the ceremony have to be performed by an authorised marriage celebrant? 

Yes! That’s why you need me!

I’m there to do all the legal stuff and to ensure that everything is in accordance with the Marriage Act, however; you can have someone else assist with the wedding. If you have someone in mind to perform the ceremony, but they are not a Celebrant, I am happy for them to perform the non legal aspects of the ceremony…..which actually happens quite a lot!


Are same sex weddings permitted in Australia?

Yes, same sex marriages are now legal in Australia!! You can marry the person you love and it will be recognised as full legal marriage.


How many ceremonies do you perform each day? 

On your wedding day, I only have eyes for you! 

One wedding per day is my principle, which means I have more time for you and your needs.


How old do we have to be to marry?

At least one of you must be 18 or over. If either of you are under 18 then you must apply for special permission to marry from a judge or magistrate.


Are there any location restrictions in Port Douglas? 

Port Douglas is all about the Wedding and you can get married almost anywhere!

Public areas need to be covered by a council permit. If you want to marry in a private villa or resort you just need the owners permission.